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About Us


For Seniors, Older Adults, Caregivers and Loved Ones

Senior Service Directory is a comprehensive online directory of products and services catered to seniors and older adults throughout North America.  We advertise seniors-focused businesses in one convenient online portal to help you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.
Our directory is geographically targeted, making your search for senior services nearby a simple one.

What You Can Expect to Find

Senior Service Directory helps its users find much-needed information, products and services related to the aging lifestyle.  We are a unique online tool to help you find a wide range of senior services with ease.  Browse our directory to find products, services and information catered to the older adult and senior population in the following industries: health and fitness, recreation and travel, medical supplies, living arrangements, financial services, home and delivery, education and resources, and employment and volunteering.

Maintaining Credibility

The companies and organizations you find on our website have been evaluated and approved by Senior Service Directory to ensure maximum relevancy for users.  We take the necessary measures to provide a trusted, credible and useful online seniors’ resource.

Diversified Scope

We recognize the fact that the senior population is the largest growing demographic in North America.  Our acknowledgment and understanding of the heterogeneous nature of this group, enables us to satisfy the diverse wants and needs of older adults, seniors, and their loved ones.

Easy to Use

Over the past few years, Senior Service Directory has grown with the online older adult market.  We have obtained feedback from our users and from internet professionals, we have conducted research, and we have carefully planned and re-planned the display of our website to be:
  • User friendly
  • Welcoming
  • Straightforward
  • Easy to navigate

Consumer Focused

Over and above our presence and functionality online, Senior Service Directory provides live, telephone-based customer service.  If at any point, a user cannot find what they’re looking for or they have a question about our service, our live representatives are just a phone call away.

A Growing Online Community

We are in the process of establishing a large, interconnected network through our helpful listing service, attractive membership features, monthly newsletter, educational information, and our custom blog where we encourage open communication.

Our Mission

To help seniors, older adults, and their loved ones find the information, products and services they are looking for related to the aging lifestyle.
To provide senior-focused companies with valuable online marketing exposure to reach their target markets.
To contribute to the positive development of the senior service industry in order to more effectively serve older adults, seniors, and their loved ones.

Embrace Your Aging Years with Senior Service Directory
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