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Encourage Your Elderly Loved Ones to Address Their Hearing Loss

Even though a large number of older adults and seniors suffer from hearing loss, it is an issue that many of us choose to deny, put off, or leave unaddressed. Although it may be easier and more comfortable to let our senior loved ones have their way and continue on without a doctor’s visit or hearing aid purchase, this can have many negative repercussions.

Why Being Able to Hear is Important 

Hearing loss must be handled in a serious manner because those who leave it untreated are more prone to suffer from anti-social behaviour, loss of balance, paranoia, anxiety, emotional turmoil and even depression.
Seniors who suffer from hearing loss and who make the conscious decision to leave it untreated become distanced from those around them.  This often creates family segregation and a lack of communication between our elderly loved ones and everyone else around them.

Common Resistances 

The most common form of resistance is denial. The vast majority of older adults claim that their hearing isn’t bad enough to do something about it. Or, your hearing impaired loved one may state that he or she does not trust hearing specialists, or that hearing aids are far too expensive.
For many of us, hearing aids make us self-conscious. We don’t like the way they look, or we’re embarrassed for others to see that we are wearing one.  But the fact of the matter is, it’s more important for us to be aware of what is happening around us, than to be worried about the aesthetics of a little device in our ears.

Positive Encouragement

As family members, for the betterment of our elderly loved ones, we must do our best to positively encourage proper treatment for hearing loss. Although family discussions may cause tension and disagreements, we must talk about it in order to help our loved ones avoid more harmful effects in the future.
The ability to hear keeps seniors involved in their daily surroundings and this contributes to a more happy, healthy and positive lifestyle.
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