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3 Tips on the Art of Aging Well

In recent years, our obsession with the extension of our youth has consumed more and more of our physical and emotional energy – to say nothing of our finances.  Some older adults have chosen the path of extensive cosmetic surgeries, while others have come to value healthy lifestyle choices and a regimen of reasonable, age-appropriate exercise as their personal route to the preservation of youth.  Where would you say you fit?
Particularly since so many of us find ourselves in the age bracket above 50, it is time for the obsession with youth to end, and for a celebration of the benefits of aging to begin.

1 - Positive Attitude

The mind is a powerful tool, yet maintaining a positive frame of mind can sometimes be daunting.  Our minds have the capacity to manage these times – if we give them a chance and approach this need in the right way.  The underlying roots begin with our own self-esteem and personal acceptance.  If we want to live happy, satisfied lives through to our senior years, we need to care about ourselves.  
With this in mind, we can choose to:
  • Surround ourselves with positive family members and friends who care for us
  • Do our level best to avoid or play down negative influences
  • Keep ourselves involved through volunteer work, social activities, reading, creative hobbies, courses and participation in local interest groups

2 – Creating a Balanced Life

Between work, play and personal time, it can be difficult to strike that ideal balance.  We need to reflect upon those experiences that provide great happiness and do all we can to increase their occurrences.
So many of us, for so long, have placed the needs of others ahead of our own – even in some cases ahead of our own health.  This is particularly true of women whose role as primary caregivers for their families often place the care of themselves at the bottom of their priority lists.  To make the conscious decision to care for oneself as we grow a little older is not a selfish one: it’s an earned one.

3 – Organize and Set Goals

For so long, we have done what others want us to do: spouses, bosses, friends, offspring or merely the every day demands of life.   The trap of: “Finally I don’t have to do anything.” is an easy one to fall into in retirement, and it can have negative consequences. 
When professional demands begin to wind down, or when the long awaited retirement kicks in, the chance to develop life long interests, or start new ones presents itself not just as a dream, but as a real possibility.  It is what we said we wanted isn’t it?  It won’t just fall upon us, though.  List interests, plan new learning, set goals – most importantly set time frames.   After all, a goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline!
In the final analysis, though, it’s not enough merely to plan our work.
We must follow by working our plan.
Remember, our age is what we make of it.  Our number is just a number.  Let us accept each new phase of life with open arms so that we may age happily, intelligently and proudly.


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