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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors

Massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular among senior citizens.  Many seniors use the services of a professional massage therapist to treat specific health conditions. 

The Approach

Typical geriatric massage techniques incorporate a more gentle touch and can be performed with the senior lying down or sitting up.  The latter is often used for those elders who are constrained to a wheelchair.  Usually a seniors’ massage therapist places a significant amount of focus on the hands and feet, which aids in improved circulation and a greater sense of body awareness. 

Pain Relief

As we grow older, we often experience a rise in aches and pains throughout our body.  Sometimes this is due to arthritis and other times it may simply be a result of the natural aging process.  Massage therapy for seniors uses specific techniques to help manage pain and reduce discomfort by encouraging natural joint lubrication throughout the body.

Range of Motion and Stability

Seniors often experience a loss in range of motion and decreased stability, which can eventually lead to difficulties in all kinds of physical activities.  Senior massage helps to enhance muscle tone, strength and coordination.  In turn, this increases stability which contributes to the prevention of injuries that occur due to falls that happen because of a loss of balance (all too common among our senior population today).

Emotional Wellbeing

Seniors often feel disconnected and isolated from the world around them.  Increased levels of anxiety are common among seniors as they deal with the deaths of close family members and friends, and are forced to handle various physical limitations they never had before.  The therapeutic touch of a geriatric massage can have a profound impact on a senior’s emotional state.  Massage therapists who have a gentle, caring touch can communicate empathy and connectedness, making senior clients comfortable and at ease.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Anxiety and stress can lead to insomnia and general feelings of uneasiness.  Geriatric massage is said to contribute to the stimulation of a relaxation response in the body, which can aid in proper sleep and stress reduction.  Stress is often referred to as the “silent killer” and a lack of sleep can also have detrimental effects on the lives of seniors by way of negative moods, decreased cognitive abilities and ineffective immune system function.

General Health

Seniors who receive geriatric massage from certified senior massage therapists often experience improvements in depression, stress, anxiety, vitality, personal wellbeing and overall health.  Even just the connected and compassionate touch of a professional geriatric massage therapist can give lonely seniors who are prone to depression, an experience to look forward to on a regular basis.
Consider seniors’ massage for your loved one to achieve an improved sense of wellbeing and lasting health both physically and emotionally.
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