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Do I Need a Geriatric Care Manager?

Caring for an elderly loved can be an intimidating and overwhelming task, not to mention the fact that if it’s someone close to you, there are so many different emotions at play.  Depending on his or her condition, the level of care your senior loved one requires may extend beyond your capabilities.  Or, it’s a time issue.  Your schedule doesn’t permit you to provide your loved one with the care they need. 
Even if you have the time and the ability, sometimes it helps to have a certified professional to offer support where you need it most.

What is a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)?

A Geriatric Care Manager is a specialist who helps families in the midst of caring for elderly loved ones.  Many GCMs today were once nurses, social workers, gerontologists, psychologists, or were involved in another heath and human services related field.  Their background knowledge gives them a solid foundation to provide families with extensive resources and guidance as they tackle aging related issues.

What a Geriatric Care Manager Does

As elder care experts, Geriatric Care Managers can assist families in a number of ways.  See if you may be able to benefit from one of the following services:
  • A thorough assessment of your situation to uncover problems and identify solutions
  • Screening, hiring and managing in-home care professionals (senior caregivers) for your loved one
  • Recommending and arranging other elder care related services covering the legal, social, health, and medical aspects of the aging lifestyle
  • Assistance with the daily demands of elder care for family caregivers who live far away
  • Intervention and assistance at times of crisis
  • Moving and relocation assistance from home to retirement residence, or from retirement residence to long term care facility
  • Education and support for family members
  • One-on-one or group counselling

Taking the First Step

Sometimes it’s hard to admit you can’t do something on your own.  Don’t be ashamed, embarrassed or disappointed.  Elder care is challenging, which is exactly why there are specialists here to help you. 
First, put together a list of questions.  Contact a few Geriatric Care Managers in your area and begin with a casual conversation.  Take note of each person’s answers and compare afterwards.  If you decide to move forward, make sure you choose someone you feel comfortable with and who is most likely to do the best job to help you and your family.

The Benefits

Once you’ve hired a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced Geriatric Care Manager for you and your elderly loved one, you can benefit from:
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Help with long distance caregiving
  • More time to play the daughter, son, sister, brother or spousal role (instead of the elder care role)
  • Less strain and stress trying to handle circumstances that have become increasingly complex
  • Intermediary assistance dealing with other family members
Remember: In the long run, it is the personal wellbeing of your loved one that’s most important.  If a Geriatric Care Manager can contribute to this, then it’s a wise decision on your part.
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