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Does Your Senior Loved One Need Adult Day Care?

Allow your senior loved one the comforts of living at home while you and your family enjoy a much needed break. Seniors in adult day care benefit from the social interaction and recreational activity found in most retirement homes, but are able to avoid the stresses associated with a complete relocation.  Many centers provide activities and care for all seniors including those with physical disabilities or cognitive impairments. Depending on the organization, adult day care programs may also offer meals, transportation and care for seniors with special needs.

Adult Day Care Opportunities in Your Area

As you try to decide if adult day care is a viable option for your senior loved one, check to see what services, resources and programs are available in your local community. Transportation may or may not be offered, as well as services for seniors with certain disabilities or conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Some centers do specialize in such care, and many others are equipped to provide general medical and therapeutic services. Other adult day care centers focus on providing a place and opportunity for socialization and activity. As the demand for adult day care services grows, more communities have begun to implement various programs, usually at a reasonable price.

Evaluating Adult Day Care Centers

Once you’ve made the decision to enrol your elderly loved one in an adult day care program, there are many factors to consider as you determine which option is best for your senior. 
  • Check the days and times the service is available.
  • Find out if the center has a license and how long it has been in operation.
  • Find consumer reviews and references.
  • Check with local health departments for complaints or violations.
  • Find out about applicable fees and transportation costs.
  • Some communities have the resources and support to offer financial assistance.  See if this is an option and find out what is involved.
  • Consider the ratio of staff members to seniors and make sure the staff is qualified to handle patients with specific medical conditions or disabilities. 

Will Your Senior Loved One Enjoy Adult Day Care?

Evaluate your local adult day care programs to make sure they are attractive options for your senior loved one. If the program isn’t enjoyable, it may cause undue stress and resentment. Find out about the program’s regular and special events, and be sure to look for stimulating and relaxing activities for both individual and group participants. The center should be comfortable, spacious, and have a positive look and feel about it. Choose a place where the staff is pleasant, calm and comfortable.  You want to feel good about where you take your senior loved one.  

Key Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Senior Loved One

  • Will your senior’s nutritional needs be met, and will the meals and snacks be enjoyable?
  • Are the scheduled meal, snack, and activity times suitable?
  • Are restrooms and washing areas easily accessible?
  • Are expectations of behaviour and participation reasonable?

Adult Day Care for Your Senior

For many families, adult day care is a blessing that benefits everyone. Your senior loved one can stay in the comfort of his or her own home without burdening family members for constant care around the clock.  Your elderly loved one benefits from stimulating social activity as well as medical and therapeutic care when necessary, and family members benefit from peace of mind, knowing their senior is well cared for. 
Search for adult day care programs in your local area to see if this is a good option for you and your senior loved one.


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