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Your Guide to Positive Aging

For all those who are new to the social classification ‘senior’, or who have recently adopted the role of caregiver to their aging parents, or for those who simply wish to expand their knowledge in the subject matter of aging – let Senior Service Directory be your guide.
The more we know about the aging process, both for the benefit of ourselves and our senior loved ones, the better we will be able to handle new and unfamiliar situations.  Take advantage of the informational resources available to help seniors and their loved ones through the aging process.

Accept, Embrace, Live your Senior Years

There are countless books, websites, services and businesses dedicated to the education, promotion and advocacy of aging awareness in caregivers, older adults, seniors and their family members.  It is important to take a proactive approach to aging.
Growing older is a natural and beautiful experience.  The more we know and understand the physical changes, mental implications, potential risks, positive outcomes, and reasonable expectations associated with aging, the better prepared and more able we are to make the most of it.
Senior Service Directory helps you find the educational opportunities and information you need to embrace your aging years.

3 Tips on the Art of Aging Well
Discover 3 simple tips to help you make the most of your age - whatever age that may be.

Do I Need a Geriatric Care Manager?

Find out what a Geriatric Care Manager is and how you may be able to benefit from one as you deal with the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one.

How to Exercise an Aging Mind

Find out how to exercise an aging mind with five simple tips that help increase overall cognitive health.

Nursing Home Abuse: How to Recognize It

Learn the sobering statistics on nursing home abuse in North America and find out how you can recognize it to protect your senior loved ones in long term care facilities.

Staying Positive Over 50

A real account of what it means to stay positive over fifty from a fellow older adult.


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