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Employment and Volunteering

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As seniors and older adults, many of us want to stay active and involved in our communities after we retire. Age-appropriate jobs and volunteer arrangements give seniors the opportunity to continue to engage the world outside of their homes.

Seniors in the Workforce

Wise employers in the marketplace today have come to the realization that older adults and seniors are a dominant demographic group in the workforce.  Companies that capitalize on this fact and make adjustments to accommodate older adults in the workplace, will be the ones to benefit from long-lasting success in the years to come.
Senior Service Directory lists businesses who offer employment opportunities to seniors across North America.

Volunteer Positions for Seniors

Many seniors enjoy volunteering, and think of it as an excellent way to ‘give back’ during retirement.   Seniors who volunteer often experience a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment – and at the same time feel good about making a positive contribution in their communities.  Organizations list their volunteer positions on Senior Service Directory to help seniors and older adults such as yourself, find a role that they’re excited to pursue.
Senior Service Directory helps you find the most suitable employment and volunteer opportunities for seniors in your area.

Still Have the Itch to Work?
The term 'retirement' carries with it a much different meaning now than in years prior. Learn why so many seniors decide to stay in the workforce and what this means personally and socially.

Helping Others...And Yourself

Who knew volunteering could be so powerful? Discover the many benefits of helping others and how they affect you - the helper.

Top Jobs for Seniors Post Retirement

Who knew volunteering could be so powerful? Learn about a few of the tops jobs for seniors after they retire.

The Benefits of Joining a Seniors' Group

Are you considering a seniors' group in your local area? Find out why it's a good idea to join.

How to Balance Senior Caregiving and Work

Discover how to better organize your time and manage the demands of your part time or full time job and your responsibilities as a caregiver for your elderly loved one.


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