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Medical Supplies

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Medical and Assistive

Medical supplies help seniors recover from illness or injury, or in many cases also serve as assistive aids to create a more comfortable and pleasurable lifestyle.
Medical supplies for seniors include mobility aids, medicine, first aid items, assistive devices, health-related and safety products.

Maximizing Seniors’ Safety, Independence and Mobility

Either for yourself or your senior loved one, the purchase of medical supplies and assistive devices can help to maintain personal independence and overall health.  Medical supplies for the elderly are often designed to maximize seniors’ safety and personal comfort in their homes.  Whether they help you walk, bathe, climb the stairs, or cook your favorite dish in the kitchen, medical supplies allow you to enjoy your freedom and live happily in your home for as long as possible.
Senior Service Directory helps you find useful and reliable medical supplies for seniors in your area.



Assistive Devices to Enhance Seniors' Mobility
Assistive devices are specifically designed to enhance seniors' mobility in their daily lives.  Whether you or your senior loved one needs help with small chores at home or big activities outside the house, there is an assistive device to help.
Encourage Your Loved Ones to Address Their Hearing Loss
Hearing loss is a condition faced by many older adults, but just because it is common doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken care of. Find out why it's important for us to hear in our older age.

How to Maximize Your Doctor's Appointments

Feel satisfied and well taken care of after you leave your doctor's appointments by following these simple tips.

The Role of Supplements in a Senior's Diet

Learn about a few of the supplements considered by many to be the most important and beneficial in a senior's diet.

How to Make Bathing Safer for Seniors

Keep your senior loved ones safe in their homes by installing effective and affordable bath safety solutions.


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