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The Benefits of Joining a Seniors' Group

Seniors are social beings who are part of a demographic that faces significant challenges when it comes to finding satisfying social interaction.  As each decade passes, the number of people who live alone continues to increase, and a large percentage of those people are senior citizens. With the passing away of older family members, friends and colleagues, and as their children, grandchildren and other relatives decide to move away, many seniors’ feelings of loneliness come as no surprise.
Joining a seniors’ group is a great way for lonely seniors to form connections. Seniors will also enjoy the fun group activities and stimulating discussions.  As a plus, seniors’ groups are invaluable resources for information pertinent to the senior lifestyle.

Seniors’ Groups for the Lonely

In any seniors’ group, the joyful camaraderie between members can warm a lonely senior’s heart. Here are just a few examples of the many ways seniors’ groups create friendships:
  • Communicate online using internet message boards, chat rooms, and instant messaging features to connect with seniors anywhere around the world.
  • Form pen pals. It’s an old-fashioned way to communicate, but one that many seniors enjoy. You can search for seniors groups online or find a local group with resources to connect you to pen pals in other states or countries.
  • Gather together with other single seniors to meet in a relaxed, fun setting where everyone can enjoy social interaction and open up the possibility for romance with other seniors who share similar interests.
  • Come together to indulge in a little harmless humor by talking among one another and sharing stories.

Get Involved in Adventure and Activity

Joining a local seniors’ group offers a whole palate of interesting activities to enrich your life. When you are in a seniors’ group, it’s easy to keep up to date on local events and attractions. It also provides you with some much-needed company and allows you to take part in the large group discounts and special promotions that so many places offer.
Organized seniors’ groups feature many exciting activities. Here are some examples of what your local senior’s groups may do:
  • Meet to discuss past traveling adventures and make traveling plans with each other.
  • Get involved in local cultural activities.
  • Meet for coffee, dine out for lunch or dinner, try local wine, and visit food festivals.
  • Go to movies, parks, botanical gardens, museums, musicals, and shows, frequently taking day trips to local attractions.
  • Focus on sharing computer knowledge and technological skills.
  • Play board games and card games.
  • Make arts and crafts projects.

Share Your Passions, Wisdom and Advice

Many senior citizens welcome the opportunity to be in seniors’ groups that focus on discussion as a way to socialize and intellectually stimulate the mind. These discussion groups are valuable and helpful resources for seniors to access information they’re interested in. Seniors’ groups form to discuss numerous topics. Here are some of the common focuses of seniors’ discussion groups:
  • Share resources and knowledge of serious global issues on the topic of health, the law and insurance.
  • Discuss local news.
  • Share stories of life’s trials and tribulations and offer support and encouragement.
  • Talk about lifestyle trends.
  • Discuss books.
  • Be a resource for business networking.
  • Talk about investments, retirement and business opportunities.
  • Share the joy of being grandparents.
  • Discuss the future and help establish plans.
  • Offer advice on how to cope with the aging process.
  • Provide information for seniors with specific disabilities or conditions.
  • Advocate for social change and for a better quality of life.

Where Do You Find Seniors’ Groups?

If you want to meet seniors in your local area, check with your library, community center or local retirement center for a group that caters to your interests.  You can also use online search tools, including our directory, to find offline as well as internet-based seniors’ groups if you are interested in connecting with seniors around the world.

Seniors’ Groups Benefit You

They say that the older you are, the bolder you get, so be daring enough to venture out and participate in seniors groups. Savvy seniors can gather together in person or online for fun and entertainment, as well as for stimulating and positive discussion.  By joining a seniors’ group, you’ll have an opportunity to explore new interests and activities, while forming friendships in the process.  Indulge in the many enjoyments that seniors’ groups have to offer, and feel empowered in your golden years!


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