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Time to Hang Up Your Keys? Have No Fear.

Maybe you’ve made a personal decision to end your days of driving.  Perhaps it is because you are no longer comfortable behind the wheel, or maybe you’ve come to realize that the level of concentration required is simply too much to bear these days.  Or maybe the decision wasn’t yours at all and you’re a senior who’s been stripped of their license because you failed your most recent motor vehicle test.  
Either way, the adjustment isn’t an easy one.
Thankfully, there are a number of seniors’ driving alternatives at your disposal.  It won’t be long before you’ve found other ways of getting around – and you never know…you may even like them better.

Private Seniors’ Transportation Companies

As the need for seniors’ transportation services continues to grow, an increasing number of private companies have begun to offer this practical service.  Most have a “senior focus”, meaning they are familiar and experienced with handling various mobility issues, disabilities and individual preferences.  Private transportation and chauffeur companies sometimes offer a discount to senior clients, making this an attractive option for elders who no longer drive.

Senior Home Care & Companionship Services

Many senior home care companies offer transportation as part of their core service offerings.  Depending on your needs, you can request transportation:
  • To and from the grocery store
  • For prescription drop-offs and pick-ups
  • On personal outings
  • To and from appointments
Sometimes it’s just a matter of selecting the right seniors’ transportation company to meet your needs.  Before you make a final decision, speak with a representative from the company to make sure it’s a good fit.

Public Transportation

If you are a senior who lives in an urban area of town, particularly the downtown core of any major city, you have a number of driving alternatives to take advantage of.  Look into local city transit buses, subways, rail systems or streetcars in your area.  Have a look at the schedule and plan your outings accordingly.

Neighbors, Friends and Loved Ones

You might be surprised at how helpful and accommodating your neighbors, friends and loved ones can be.  Talk to a local neighbor about carpooling to the grocery store, or request a ride from your friend when you meet for your next lunch date.
Although for some of us the end of our driving career my feel like the end of the world, like everything else, we’ll get used to it.  With a number of different options available to you, the adjustment period can be quick and painless.  Find what works best for you.  In many cases, the driving alternatives available to seniors have fewer hassles and are more affordable than keeping and maintaining a personal car on the road.
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