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Top Jobs for Seniors Post Retirement

Contrary to prior beliefs, retirement no longer signifies the end of a person’s work life.  Years ago, an ample savings account and a roof over our heads would have sufficed, but today, the vast majority of seniors find themselves looking for jobs and even career paths after retirement.  We need to be creatively stimulated no matter what our age. 
If you’re on the market to find the right senior job or ideal business for your post retirement professional endeavors, consider these ideas:


After tens of years in the workforce, you likely consider yourself a professional in a particular field.  Even though you may have been employed under a larger company during your full-time working years, maybe you want to branch out on your own after you retire.  Put your skills to good use and work for yourself as a freelance consultant.


Think beyond the math tutor you had in high school.  These days, you can be a tutor for just about anything.  Maybe you’re a software expert, a photo taking guru or someone who has excellent experience working with computers.  You can post service advertisements for free online and provide private tutoring services to earn a solid supplemental income during retirement.

Proofreader or Editor

If you’ve always had a knack for spelling and grammar or your full-time work experience involved the use of specific writing skills, you may want to consider becoming a proofreader or editor for small business in the area. 


Many retail stores and car dealerships have customer greeters who welcome new clients and shoppers.  If you’re someone who enjoys conversing with new people, consider a position as a greeter.


If you’re good at working with your hands and you have knowledge and skills in electrical work, plumbing, painting and other odd-job fixings, provide home maintenance services to homeowners in your community.


Small and medium sized business owners often outsource their bookkeeping needs.  Put together corporate ledgers and journals as a bookkeeper for ongoing clients.

Bed and Breakfast Owner

Have you always dreamed of owning an establishment in the hotel industry?  Consider a bed and breakfast.  These smaller scale operations are very personal and give owners an opportunity to mingle and spend time with their guests.  Oftentimes bed and breakfasts are situated in large homes with as few as under 7 or 8 rooms.

Tour Guide

Consider offering cultural, historical and modern heritage information to local tours, educational establishments or religious sites around the city.  Think of your interests and knowledge in certain areas and do some research on the opportunities close by.
Think of your talents and skills.  Decide first, how you feel you would be most happy spending your time during retirement.  It is important to enjoy what you do and remember that the more you stimulate your mind in a job for seniors as you age, the more you’ll sustain your cognitive abilities and therefore, your independence as an individual.
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