The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills

580 South San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, California, United States - 90048

Last Updated: May 23, 2019

4/5 Overall Rating according to


The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills is a nursing home facility located in Los Angeles, CA that accepts patients from Medicare. Its current rating is 4/5 while 3.6/5 is the state average for this kind of facility. This nursing home has Corporation ownership with 150 beds approved for Medicare, of this beds 130.6 are currently occupied.

Overall Medicaid & Medicare Rating Information For The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills

The data below is based on information provided from online reviews and information released by Medicare.

Overall Rating

The overall rating for The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills takes into account various factors including health ratings, fines, staffing, quality and penalty information.

Rating is 4/5

Health Rating

This rating is based on a weighted average of recent health audits.

Rating is 2/5

Quality Rating

The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills's quality rating is based on data assesed from clinical measurements.

Rating is 5/5

Staff Rating

The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly HillsCenter’s staff rating is formed by different measures of staffing such as how much time nurses and health experts spend on each of the patient in the facility.

Rating is 4/5

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The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills

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Facility Information For The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills

Below you find the most important statistics for The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. For more information you can also visit the website.

Nursing Home Information

  • Medicare
  • Located In Hospital
  • On Medicaid Since 5/12/97
  • Continuing Care Retirement Community
  • Changed Ownership In Last 2 Years

Safety & Health Information

  • Has Sprinkler System
  • 4 Substantiated Complaint
  • $0 Total Fines
  • 1 Facility Incidents

Staff Information

  • 0.49 staff hours per resident per day
  • 4.39 nurse hours per resident per day

Other Information

  • 0.49 staff hours per resident per day
  • 4.39 nurse hours per resident per day

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The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills is ranked 110 out of total 480 Nursing Homes Facilities in the city of Los Angeles, 165 out of 603 facilities within 100 mile radius and 461 out of 1201 facilities within the state of California.

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110th out of 480 facilities
Top 77% of 480 nursing home facilities in Los Angeles
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165th out of 603 facilities
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461th out of 1201 facilities
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SeniorServiceDirectory Reviews for The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills

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Perry T on 27 Feb 2022 :
* THIS IS A REVISED REVIEW OF MY 5 STAR FROM 2014 **** When reading other reviews, both private, website-based, state, county, or Medicare provided, pay close attention to the DATES of the reviews. Any prior to Mid 2020 or so, reflected the reputation and excellent standards maintained by the previous owners. The most relevant reviews, as you'll likely find, are those post-2020 and are reflective of the new owners and management and reflect more accurate and predominantly EXTREMELY negative experiences as does mine.I'll begin by sharing that approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years ago, the previous owners, whom my wife and I know outside of this realm, sold this facility after owning and successfully managing and staffing it for many years. By pure coincidence, one of the two owners also happened to be one of mom's personal doctors and the center's outstanding reputation they worked long and hard at establishing was accurate and well-deserved; the facility and care was exceptional.Fast forward to late January, 2022. Not knowing that Apria Healthcare had purchased the facility, we moved my mom there for about a week of recovery. Without providing daunting details, as a family member advocate who visited daily, what began as a success progress for her especially with the fine PT team, when transferred to a different floor/unit, I soon witnessed dangerous and almost lethal lapses in care. Aside from her, at times hour long, completely unanswered verbal and push button calls/screams to a nurse for help with getting to the bathroom or unanswered pleas for water (these were unequivocally verified to me by her cogent and articulate room partner), the most compelling and jarring clinician inaction and lack of basic care, knowledge, and common sense, was next to come. MOST of the clinicians are afraid of losing their jobs and/or "miss the way the old owners managed the facility and care."Between 48 and 72 hours after being moved (keep in mind that we were already discussing her imminent transfer back home due to her excellent condition, mobility, and demonstrated ability to walk and function with minimal assistance) there was a sudden and dramatic plummet in her condition, diving from that previous cusp of discharge to now silently and almost lifelessly laying in bed, in an 85 degree room, having lost virtually all of her energy and ability to even sit up in bed. It was JARRING and inexplicable.... UNTIL I started questioning the alleged "RNs".While her typical Blood/Oxygen Saturation had historically and during her first week there always resulted in the high 90s, as detailed in her previous history and current RN charts, they told me that she was just recorded at 91, which they called as "normal." IT WAS NOT NORMAL for her, and, in fact, if they had glimpsed at her chart, as I had, they would have known this - she was a consistent 95-100 just prior to her move to that unit. I had them check her Blood O2 again and it registered at a severely low 88! These represent some of the most basic alarms that any competent clinician would attend to immediately.Additionally, returning one morning after staying late the night before, I immediately noticed her unmistakable dark purple lips. At this point she could barely speak or move. I pulled in an "RN" who shared that she was probably a "little dehydrated." NO! Most every qualified RN would recognize this as likely Cyanosis, another potentially lethal condition related to Pulm/Cardio which initially brought my mom in. This second day or so was when I began resigning myself to what might likely be her imminent passing; her condition had simply changed too rapidly and too severely in such short time to be too hopeful.I had to rush a clinician, now one of three in her sweltering room, who was in fact, the CHARGE NURSE, to immediately call the PCP and inform him, specifically with an urgent message, of these two swift and deadly changes in her condition. I had to direct her, loudly, where to call, what to say, and provide the most meaningful levels while she was on with his service - she was frozen in ineptitude. Only when I was there, verbally and assertively demanding attention, was the most CRITICAL AND PROPER action taken. I can't even imagine what happens with patients who may not have an advocate near them and with frequency.NEVER AGAIN will I place ANYONE nor recommend this facility to any degree for consideration. There is no doubt in my mind, WHATSOEVER, that had I not been on site daily and had not been so assertive with their so-called clinicians, that day and eve would likely have been or close to her last.Thanks for listening

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